Voracity of eating ,excessive desire for food excess to eat causes treatment

Definition /

Is the desire of excessive food despite the feeling of satiety, and to psychological factors and hormonal differ from case to case and you need to treat different course, and can continue unchanged gluttony for a while and then stop or can continue, causing the patient many diseases because of obesity.

Causes /
Mentioned in the onset of infection is likely that mental illness or physical (hormonal) and include:

* Stress and anxiety and tension.
* Bulimia "gluttony neurotic" (a mental illness characterized by excessive eating and then the patient is vomiting).
* Excessive secretion of the thyroid gland and Graves disease (excessive secretion of the hormone thyroxine because of an immune disorder affecting the thyroid gland)
* Diabetes mellitus (type I and II and gestational diabetes) or due to lack of blood sugar levels.
* Eating certain types of medications such as antidepressants and steroids, which will invalidate the hormone insulin in the performance of the functions and including the introduction of sugar in blood to the cells, making cells alert the nervous system need sugar, so the reaction of the nervous system that increases the appetite, the patient to eat and continue the alarm and continue patient to eat without sugar to reach the cells and so on.

Diagnosis /
The disease is diagnosed through the identification of the patient complaint and signs of obesity in some cases, in addition to blood tests, especially hormone insulin and thyroxine and the rest of the analysis of other, and in the case of a plus in the activity of the thyroid gland is to make sure of the reason for using the other analyzes such as X-CT of the thyroid and clinical examination, etc, As for the psychological factors are easily identified through the personal interview and medical health history and some of the symptoms and signs that indicate the patient's injuries, some mental illnesses.

Treatment /
Of course, are treated according to evidence of the causes of disease, then the psychological needs of the meetings with a specialist mental illness and treatment is through varying periods differ in different patient's condition and the type of mental illness, in the case of organic diseases "physical" are intervention by the patient's condition and cause voracity of eating, the reason was activity in the thyroid gland is the treatment of the patient's medication and sometimes radiation, surgery or through the removal of a part of the thyroid gland.  

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