Emotional and psychological aspects of treatment for eating disorders

eating Gluttony is a disease characterized by occurrence of recurrent episodes of eating large quantities in a short period of time not exceeding two hours with the inability to control this behavior on or off involuntarily and often ends this heart ailment in the abdomen followed by feelings of guilt and disgust for this behavior with a shift counter to compensate for this behavior such as self-induced seizures thrown or use of laxatives or diuretics, and such bouts of fasting from food or strenuous physical exercise to prevent weight gain as patients with binge eating are often interested in excessive weight and shape of the year.

It is believed that the rate of disease and the presence of binge eating among women and men from 9 to 1, where 90% of infected women. This starts with the disease to appear among women ranging in age from the fifteenth to the eighteenth and among men between the ages of eighteen to twenty-six years old.
The spread of the disease among individuals in high social classes more white people of color in Western societies more than Eastern societies.
This is accompanied by disease binge eating a lot of mental disorders such as mood disorders and anxiety types and substance abuse and personality disorders and major mental disorders associated with pre-binge eating anorexia nervosa In this disease the patient suffers bouts of thrown after eating and a reduction in weight and break menopause in women and the decline in the overall situation sometimes occurs the disease is anorexia nervosa after infection Bacharahp eating and this is the result of disruption in the body image in the brain In the case of gluttony is a sense of being thin high either in the case of anorexia nervosa Vtkon images the body are the large size or a sense of obesity is the most important psychiatric disorders is to rely on the substance or substance abuse as well as some patients were suffering from a drop in IQ to the degree of mental retardation and schizophrenia and injury in the unmarried, rather than the unmarried may be due to the lack of travel and the family atmosphere which serve as a catharsis and psychological treatment of psychological and family also lead to the satisfaction of many of the desires of the individual and their needs. Of the most important ways of treating this patients is a strict medical examination of all organs of the body the most important glandular system, endocrine work Experimental Measurements of hormones substance also psychological examination Clinical and make interviews with a multiplicity of psychological disease therapeutic and also shed light on all aspects of the disease and to study the social environment surrounding the patient and the different circumstances in which exposed, whether at work or family or community or school, or you find problems or difficulties and trauma that may be among the causes of the disease.
And tools to use psychometric testing to measure both the personal and the degree of deterioration of personal or measure IQ or many mental disorders of anxiety and depression, schizophrenia and others.
Of the most important methods of treatment: treatment is whether schizophrenia, depression, anxiety or panic disorders in mood and psychological treatment, particularly behavioral therapy and cognitive psychotherapy.
It is already an attempt to help and treat this type of mental illness and work on the locks of the proportion of Hddth are that the establishment of specialized centers for diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders and the work of Organization study to calculate the rate of spread of this disease in our society, and conduct more research into various aspects of this disease, and also in the best ways in Diagnosis and treatment methods and before that all that is health education, healthy nutrition of the disease in the period of convalescence from the disease to prevent it or prevent future setbacks. 

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