Improved treatments for eating disorder

Cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive), is often used in the treatment of patients who suffer from the disorder in eating habits.The proposed randomized control study published in December 2008 the past, to provide combination treatments for some of these patients.The researchers studied at the University of Oxford 154 patients at two sites in England, and Ozaaohm randomly assigned to treatment over 20 weeks with two kinds of improved varieties of cognitive behavioral therapy to treat eating disorders.The focus of a treatment to address the eating disorder only, while the other treatment focused on the psychological issues associated with this disorder such as, the trend towards perfection, and self-esteem.The participants were suffering from bulimia (bulimia) or other eating disorders that have not yet determined exactly (ie, they were not characterized by the characteristics of bulimia, or Alonoroxia Nrfoza anorexia nervosa).The body mass index of all the participants more than 17.5, which means that patients with anorexia nervosa, were not among them (so that an ongoing study on people with anorexia nervosa).In the follow-up study conducted after 60 weeks of the completion of treatment, the researchers found that cases of about half of the participants had improved to the point that the levels considered normal eating.People with eating disorders who were suffering from mood does not accept the other, and the trend towards perfection, and a low level of self-esteem, or problems in dealing with others ...Appeared that they mostly respond to cognitive behavioral treatment of the kind that go to address issues related mental disorders, while the remainder responded to the participants of cognitive behavioral therapy alone.The researchers suggest that a simple kind of cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on eating disorders only, can be supplied as a treatment is essential. The combination therapy that is associated with providing psychological advice, can be provided to some patients who are chosen to treat it.
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