The right way to cook during the diet:

1 - used for cooking utensils do not stick to the food where you can dispense with fat (oil - milk - butter).

2 - way of cooking by boiling or grilling allows the disposal of fat in meat and fish, which reduces the amount of calories in them.

3 - the use of steam cooking until the maturity of the good way to get rid of the fat in food.

Instructions that must be followed to choose the type of food during the diet:

1 - red meat, if possible that do not have fat.

2 - chicken skin should be removed before cooking.

3 - do not put any oils on the power and Tetbilha enough vinegar or lemon, salt and black pepper and cumin.

4 - use skimmed milk.

5 - Do not use any sugar in drinks and diet can be used instead settled.

6 - Replace the dessert is fresh fruit for dessert.

7 - Replace full-fat cheese, low-fat cheese.

8 - Do not use juice sweetened with sugar.

9 - Drink four to eight cups of water per day not to help you thaw it in the body fat.

10 - Replace water invasive species on a diet of no more than two cups a day.

11 - Do not drink more than two cups of coffee or tea per day, preferably refrain entirely because the caffeine is working on the reservation of water in the body.

12 - Use bread diet instead of ordinary bread and can eat white bread twice a week.

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