Good health habits to eat when the work of diet:

1. Eating slowly and chewing food well in order to give opportunity for the mind to send signals to the body that is sufficient and improve satiety.

2. Must leave the place of food in the sense of fullness.

3. Used in accordance with small-to-eat giving you less.

4. Do not eat during the performance of your business.

5. Must be fully aware of the size of the meal and always remember that the size and the largest meal give more calories.

6. To eat between meals should be replaced by sweets, biscuits, vegetables and fresh fruit.

7. Try to eat four or six small meals instead of three large meals a day.

8. Avoid eating in the dining room or kitchen when there is food different from your food.

9. Do not eat in front of television where you do not have to neglect and eat a larger amount than required.

10. Try to put in the plate only the amount needed to eat so as not to stretch your hand to the more than required.

11. Try to change some of the daily habits as follows:

A. Sign exercises or walk for half an hour a day, or try to ride the bike for 30 minutes.

B. Use of the peace rally instead of the elevator if any.

C. Put your car away from home until going back and forth or go to your walk, if possible.

D. When going to buy your need of food, preferably after a meal because your sense of satiety does not make you buy what is not necessary for your new food?

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