How to determine the calories required to maintain normal weigh

To determine the calories necessary for any human being must first know the weight, and then define the number of calories required for each kilogram of weight of the human burn in the day based on activity performed by that person.

To give an example at the expense of calories / kg per day

Let's assume that there are people and sixtieth kilogram weight and that this person wants to keep this weight without an increase or decrease, what is the number of calories needed by the body in a day?

If we assume that this person does not perform any activity if the number of calories / kg per day needed by this person in order to retain its weight (sixty kilo gram) is 27 kilo cal / kg per day.

If the number of calories per day,

= 60 (weight in kg) × 27

= 1350 calories per day

These calories needed by the body of this person in order to retain its weight, but if this person wants to lose weight it must reduce the number of calories per day for this amount or more activity.

We hope that this example will be a guide to calculate the number of calories your body needs according to your current weight and recognizes if you want to increase or decrease the weight, if you want to lose weight you must take a number of calories less than the calculated or increase your activity daily.

But beware that you do the diet gives you 800-900 calories a day without being under the supervision of a thorough medical and be the result of the desire of your doctor for imperative reasons of hygiene.

With the knowledge that it is difficult for anyone to get the nutrients necessary for the body by any diet gives less than 1200 calories per day.

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