Health Guide for weight loss Loss of 2-4 kilo per month the best way to diet

There are many important reasons we need to lose weight like feeling comfortable and elegant manner, but the main reason and the important one that we remain in good health.
Many of the doctors knew many years ago that the increase in weight causes many diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol in the blood and others.
As a result, many of the recent research, proved that weight loss and, get rid of the excess of fat, can heal many of the diseases mentioned above.
Perhaps the first step to start any diet to lose weight is to go to a specialist public health to detect and follow any special medical instructions.
If a doctor gave approval to start a diet to lose weight, there is no need to hurry never rapid decline of the weight, but it is better to lose weight slowly, usually from two to four kg per
Month is the healthiest and most efficient way to reach the desired goal.
The weight loss depends on you; every man is different from the other in burning calories from the body to lose weight.
Lose to 1 / 2 kg of weight need to burn approximately 3500 calories and this is equivalent to the size of 1 / 2 kg of butter.
If you adopt a diet containing 1000 calories and burned 3000 calories you have consumed 2000 calories a day, or 14,000 calories per week, and this causes a decrease in weight about 2 kg of fat per week.
In order to decrease weight you must burn calories from excess body fat. The calorie is a measure of the energy is excess energy that the body uses as well as the energy in food.
The body needs calories or energy to carry out various operations such as breathing - heart rate - or to do any physical activities, as well as for digestion.
And body weight remains constant, if you eat the food gives you calories equal calories made or which the body burns per day.
If you ate the food gives more calories than the body burns as a result of actions or a particular activity, you gain an increase in weight, and vice versa.
Some people need more calories than others, such as:
Pregnant women, athletes, men more than
Women because of the large size and their greater muscle activity.
Sources of calories:
- Proteins and carbohydrates.
- Fat.
These are the main sources of calories, carbohydrates and proteins are given four calories per gram, fat provides nine calories per gram, also note that the fat provides calories per gram twice as give carbohydrates and proteins, therefore, a meal that contains fat, many give a large number of calories.
Know the calories necessary
Temperature the number of calories required for any person depends on several factors, including:
- The age of rights.
- The size of rights.
- The amount of activity performed by human.

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