15 minutes Belly dancing exercise to lose weight video

Belly dancing is no longer just enjoy the dance by women to spend time and fun; it is on the other hand, is a belly dancing is an ideal way to lose weight, maintain health, as well as to show femininity.

But belly dancing is not for everyone, it is intense activity, and very severe, especially to novices, as it constitutes a threat to the knee if the wrong way.

Says Dr. Carol Jean Murat, a specialist in gynecology: "can affect the belly dancing on the knee pain but it is not causing it, but if Mrs. movement of hazardous or fell during exercise, but even this does not preclude the exercise of certain movements, fixed, for example, which helps move the upper body, waist and arms. "
On the whole, the benefits of belly dancing for more than harms or problems, and especially useful in weight loss, belly dancing helps to burn 200 to 250 calories per hour, while watching TV burns only 100 calories. It also provides the same benefits of belly dancing provided by the Swedish exercises.
And must exercise belly dancing at least 15 minutes every day, and one clock in the center to teach belly dancing will not be enough and will not make you Tvkadin weight. If you're serious you can increase the duration to 30 minutes and then an hour a day. It is advisable not to eat any food or drink in particular (alcoholic) after the dance. Make of that last hour of the day of Oriental Dance

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