12 way to lose excess weight in an effective manner

must not know much about the calories, and food rations, and exercises. But if you did not know these tips and methods of the weight-loss, you may not see satisfactory results soon.

1. For you, health food "means a low-calorie"
Says Marion Nestle, a doctor, a dietitian at the University of New York, "the deliberate food factories for the development of posters promoting the health foods on the front covers of foods, but what should we look for is the nutritional information label on the back." May Taatvajii the nutritional value of existing and portion size and calories per share! But this is what you should pay attention to him, that the choice of healthy foods, low fat, low calorie great, but this does not mean that Tlthmi biscuits as a whole, or even a soda can a few calories, you should make sure first of portion size and the equivalent of calories heat.

2. Do not care about small things
We were born and brought up on welfare, we do not do any real effort in our daily lives. Use elevators instead of stairs, cars instead of walking, and eat in front of the TV and often also slept on the couch immediately after eating. And all these bad habits affect our health and the Oozanna. Start thinking about a serious health alternatives, instead of spending hours Amama television, a national walking and hiking, whether in parks or shopping malls - if the weather is an obstacle, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and lock the TV when you eat.

3. Drink a lot of calories
Says Dr. Madeleine Vernestorm, director of the Center Weight Management Center University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, "for some reason is not clear, do not feel our bodies calories that come from beverages. Unfortunately, this means that we will continue to drink fluids saturated with calories without knowing." Beware of drinks with you during the day, sometimes it may seem an innocent cup of juice and delicious, but rich in sugars and calories. Even drinks that promote health, such as vitamin or flavored water can be guilty

4. Do not sleep enough
According to several studies, sleep late, but a few hours increases the appetite, and impede the flow of Alansleyn, and affect many vital hormones in the body, which causes obesity, sluggish metabolism. This Canadian researchers have found that sleep for 90-10 hours a day, at night, can reduce weight by 3 ½ pounds over six years.

5. Often crave unhealthy foods

Whether chocolate or fried chips, or ice cream, or cream, all foods that carry Nsthiaa feature in common: rich in calories, according to a study by Tufts University. But in that study, researchers also noted that persons who have crossed the state covetousness lost weight faster and better than others who have succumbed to their desires. Says Susan Roberts, professor in the science of nutrition and psychologist, in Tufts, "You can deal with the bends, but in very small amounts, and replace them with a share other food, in the sense that if you with great delight, a piece of apple pie, we must dispense with the share of other food, or you Additional walking for 30 hours. If you do not want to surrender Vtnsahk Susan wash your teeth with toothpaste and waiting for the case of the demise of covetousness. "

6-laze on exerciseWhat easier to put the reasons for not doing exercise. According to a study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's National U.S. Department of Energy, the person who depends on the performance of exercise for a period of time after the attendance, they should be more than a sport to reach the level achieved before stopping. Of course this depends on the period of suspension. So do not stop a lot and leave idle.

7. Got rid of all the carbohydrates in your diet
This is not about food groups, but calories - consume less, eat more and Akhosri them in exercises and Stvkadi weight. Does this mean that quotas eat less of everything? Probably, but the quotas small dish, send a message "I'm still hungry" to your brain. This comes from the habit of eating large meals during your life. Says Barbara Rolls, Doctor of Science in Nutrition from Pennsylvania, "if you eat a light dinner it is likely that you will return to the refrigerator before going to sleep or after a period of trying to sleep." The solution is to put a lot of fruits and vegetables in the dish. Fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates but also contain fiber and water. Thus, your stomach will be filled with nutrients and favorites.

8. Listen to the TV more than our body
A recent study showed that Americans use television to refer to the date of expiry and began eating, for example, start at the beginning of the meal Mslzlem favorite and ending end of it. This means a full hour of eating. In addition, many of us back to sit at the dining table and finish with the last person to finish his meal. This is dangerous in itself. Why stay at the dinner table when you have to eat your plate, you continue to sit means eating more food. But if the traditions of your family you had to stay, place a layer of authority in front of you, and fool around with it.

9. Keep your diet is secretly
Social support is the secret of the success of the diet, to remove the excess weight. If you suffer from the problem of overweight, do inform the partner or a friend about it and cooperate for the success of this diet. According to Canadian researchers, some couples fail to achieve the goals of the diet by eating foods forbidden to the partner in front of them, which weakens their immune systems and their ability to continue in the diet.

10. You work hard
The best way to build trust is to continue to slowly and learn the proper techniques - may quickly tire of the exercise, but because you started strongly and without organization, while you must learn how to trust yourself and then begin a little more difficult to range.
11. You do not care about your feelings tension
Amend the chronic stress hormones, like adrenaline, corticotropin, and cortisol, which can increase your appetite and make you store more fat. Usually rises Alcristol in the morning, and then decreases throughout the day. But according to the study of centralized multiple shows that women who are experiencing stress at home often Ikhvguen landing in the level of stress in the evening. And then probably that women resort to eating a diet rich in carbohydrates in an attempt to stimulate the hormone serotonin. Advises Kathleen Hall, founder of the Stress Institute in Atlanta, if you feel tired, the best way to get rid of it is out of the house and walk around in nature.

12. Do not keep a daily schedule of food
You may think you are dealing with the right foods, but you can accommodate all your memory a bit? Must be always in control of the situation, and to adopt, on a daily schedule of food, which was addressed, once achieved will determine your style food more easily, so you will be able to identify defects in your meal, and the excuse for the feeders.
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