10 facts about permanent weight loss. Refute the misconceptions and behaviors of food innovations diet

1 for the start of the first fact, namely:

* Be you and do not try to be someone else! We have come all to life objects have different sizes and shapes, including the body long or short, and the body short may be full or may be thin, and there is the body of his bones large and last bones small, and there is a body whose broad shoulders and buttocks tight, and the body of another are his shoulders narrow and Ordaffh petition . Most of the sizes and shapes the body to genetic factors, despite the fact that each individual can change his body to a limited degree, by decreasing or increasing some weight, however, can not - any diet or under any circumstances - work to change the entire body; because the body was not built originally in the beginning to form, which may want the body now.

That is, in other words, the individual can reduce the increase in body weight accumulated in the buttocks, but can not - of course - to turn this full buttocks, to the fitness up to the strength of celery sticks! 2 reduce the fat

* The second fact: Reduce fat and not weight loss! More accurate and scientifically correct to say: «decrease fat», not «weight loss», because the definition of obesity is linked to the accumulation of excess fat in the body.

Usually what is described as a fat man, when a fat in the body for more than five weight, while the woman's body fat, when more than a quarter and weighing creamier.

And reflects the body weight, fat weight, bone, tissue, water, and the members of the different body, for example, the attribution of diuretics for Paul or softeners, lead to the loss of some water and fluids, and thus reduces the weight of the body, but in fact it is not reduces the pleasure of the fat, but it is a loss of weight resulting from lack of water and liquids. As well as the loss of muscle mass causes you to lose some weight, and this situation is also not a loss of fat but a loss of weight resulting from the loss of some muscle mass.

-3 Health behavior

* The third fact: Obesity-related illness human behavior, not the kind of food only! The control and control of permanent weight is not a magic diet save you from fat and excess weight in a few weeks or months, but it is a way of life continues, maintains the health and weight permanently.

Control and control of permanent weight loss requires a combination between the treatment of mood and behaviors related to eating, appetite and awareness of the extent of body shape, and the extent of Totherk the center and people around you, with activity and movement on a regular basis, in addition to the selection of health food items.

4 Determination of the target

* The fourth fact: goal setting is one of the keys to permanent weight loss. Three types of goals: short-term (closed), medium-range, long-term (continuous). And Your goal should be continuous and not terminated. Should not be your goal reduce some weight so you can wear your clothes to attend a specific event, this example, the goal of outdated, but it should be your goal of health and fitness and feel good and lose weight permanent Fastmrrarip objective guarantee you the maximum rate of success, and help you avoid the risk of relapse after achieving the target.

5 * Indeed, the Fifth: be careful of delay and procrastination, Valtogel and procrastination usually can be replicated, and Almsov loves the word (later) and records the record to say «I do», and innovate in a call to the arguments and justifications that would prevent him from doing his work, and call the thing and its opposite at the same time. You see he says: «we must begin to lose weight seriously and determination», says in another place: «the cases do not now allow a reduction in adultery, it draws the relaxation and comfort and more food!!».

6 food temptations

Fact Six: How to protect yourself against the temptations of food?

When you feel you want urgent and craving to eat, be sure to refrain from eating for a period of 10-15 minutes, as the desire to eat less after this period, and must stay away from thinking of food and care to engage in other activity not related to eating , such as taking a warm bath, or to clean the house, or even listen to music and read a book, the important thing not related to this activity is to eat. In addition, make sure to report the appropriate amount of food to eat. Eat slowly, savor each bite with no guilt or defeat, if surrendered to the temptation of food, as it may affect more people will.

7 «eagerly» Indeed, the seventh Chocolate: Learning to eat chocolate without feeling guilty. Chocolate of the most common types of food that lead to eager to take up, and the inability to get rid of easily addressed, and a sense of guilt - so can be applied to the following strategy to address the chocolate without feeling guilty, at the same time dealt with in a healthy way:

* Eating carob substitute for chocolate.

* Do not buy chocolate when you go shopping.

* Care to buy small packages.

* Ensure the development of chocolate in places hard to access them easily.

* Avoid eating chocolate during the feeling of hunger because it increases the longing and yearning to be addressed.

* Eating chocolate after eating the main meal (about fifteen minutes) limits the desire to eat later.

* Eating a piece of raw dark chocolate (containing fewer calories and taste stronger), instead of biscuits covered with chocolate or milk mixed with chocolate.

* Eating a piece of candy chocolate (80 calories) or half a cup of milk chocolate iced non-fat (100 calories), with a cup of sliced strawberries (20 calories), instead of eating ice cream flavored with chocolate.

* Mix half a cup of milk chocolate low-fat diet with soda water.

* Use the grated chocolate on skimmed milk (containing small spoon of grated chocolate to 20 calories).

8 faux-pas

Fact Eight: avoid wrong behaviors related to eating. This includes avoidance of:

* Eating quickly (in the wheel of obesity and in the careful Fitness).

* A presentation quantities large dining, as confirmed scientific studies that the exaggeration in the development of large quantities of food on the table or eating food from the cooking pots or immediate large-scale lead to increased binge eating, and not feel full, eat large amounts of food without awareness or enjoy).

* Careful to eat the remaining in the dish, the studies indicated that people who suffer from obesity are keen always to eat the meal provided to them in full, and eat the rest of the food in the dish, and they eat these additional quantities of food, despite the feeling of fullness, So they resort to remove the remainder of the food under the slogan «usually only».

* Do other work while eating, even if it's just watching TV or reading or making a telephone conversation, because the brain in this case the link between eating and activity that you do.

* Eating during preparation or serving. This is one of bad habits which we are sometimes, and cause additional intake of calories do not realize it.

* Eating more than a room at home, so you eat when you are roaming the house from room to room, and is keen to eat here and there, so we find that obese people are keen to keep some food in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and in the bathroom sometimes.

* Eating late at night, leading to accumulation of calories to lower rates of burn energy at night and during sleep.

* Dispense with one of the daily meals, one of the very bad habits that are incompatible with fitness, because it increases the impact of hunger, causing much increase the amount of food intake in the next meal.

* Excessive eating or drinking during social events and meetings continued to parents and friends in fast food restaurants, to eat meals full of fat, and these events represent the effects of social pressures and change of diet followed and is keen to continue.

9 Bida Food> truth IX: Guard against food fads harmful to the body, as to the importance of resistance of obesity and the need for fitness, you must avoid the phenomenon of cults wrong diet harmful to the body.

One of the fads food diet harmful include the need for separation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to achieve diet and fitness, and these innovations are not based on any scientific basis, because the natural foods contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats together in the composition of a food item one itself, but to varying degrees, and the biological processes of representation food components, food three, consistent with each other in overlapping tightly compatible, to check the body make the most food, Valgluckoz (the final product of digestion of carbohydrates) and fatty acids (the final product of digestion of fats) and amino acids (the final product of digestion of proteins), enter the path of dynamic, which produces the energy that needed by the body.

Diet, which leads to the fluctuation in body weight increases and decreases so-called nutrition experts «diet yo-yo». Has warned the scientific studies of the seriousness of this diet, as a result of increased exposure of the body to heart disease, greater extent than may be suffered by the body fat with a constant weight almost, as the lead «diet yo-yo» more from the body's resistance to lose weight, so experts recommend that nutrition should not be less the amount of food in daily meals for a reduction of the body, which provides about 1200 calories, unless there is close medical supervision.

For example, the diet diets rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, harmful to the body, after about two hours and a half hours of eating these meals turn protein into glucose to provide the needs of the brain, and is continuing in this diet turn the body to its vital operations that work on breaking down his muscles ( key components is a protein), and therefore the body loses muscle and show signs of weakness and general tiredness, and muscle mass body is a machine burning calories, energy food, resulting in the direction of the body to store most of the energy obtained from other foods in the image of fat , increasing the weight again after a lack greatly in the first place. Thus the body becomes weak year and increasing fat and muscle weakness and resistance to weight loss again
10 Indeed X: Beware of the accursed who eats your body.

Must contain and meals Dieting on the quantities of essential vitamins and minerals within the limits of standard requirements and specific each day. The aim is to avoid damage to the lack of existence, so the body does not start in the consumption of existing ones in the tissues and the components of the internal organs, a situation described as harmful dangerous that the body began to eat itself.

Due to the absence of all these vitamins and minerals in food items and one, the daily meals should be based on diversity and moderation in the content of natural foods, to ensure that the body needs the necessary vitamins and minerals. And thus appear diet dangerous heresies that deny the body from eating certain foods, they expose themselves to infection damaged the lack thereof.

Before you eat any meal diet was not looking for what you give him low in calories, and caused a shortage of body weight, but you must make sure they contain vitamins, minerals and key nutrients of fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber, does not even start to eat your body.
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