The maximum duration for the exercise of the diet without causing any imbalance in the health

Search result is to try always to do a diet to lose weight for a period not exceeding twelve weeks or three months and then take a rest for a period of 6 to 12 months while maintaining the new weight that it has reached, and then secondly, if you want to start the same way.


You can easily in the three months to lose weight slowly from 6 to 12 kg, as indicated above and follow the diet, then you stand at the new weight for 6 to 12 months so your body can accept this new weight and adjusts all physiological processes and food by the result of the arrival to this new weight.

After that you can re-diet for 3 months.

Vitamin intake during dieting to lose weight:

When you follow a proper diet in which all the required elements of the human protein, minerals and natural vitamins they need not take any vitamin, but if I felt that he would not mind that you need to consult your doctor about the best kind of approaching it.


Any normal human being to benefit from exercise, but before doing so one should ask your doctor to do that is fully aware of your health.

One may use the natural must be:

1 - walk for half an hour.

2 - swimming.

3 - cycling.

Any home exercises can be done is useful during the work of healthy diet, but it helps you to burn calories and reduce fat in the places stored in the body

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