What is the MESOTHERAY? uses ,contraindiction cases,areas of mesotherapy

What is the MESOTHERAY?
MESOTHERY is a medical technique had been invented by / Dr. Michel Bisturaam 1952.

through this procedure medical supplies are injected in the middle class under the skin (Mesoderm)

During the last fifty years there are more than thirty thousand doctors in the world regularly use this technique for the treatment of General overweight and to remove any residual weight and fat accumulation and tight the skin and treatment of hair loss and reduce scars.

in this procedure very small doses of drugs are injected All drugs are used legally authorized by the U.S. Food and Allodoip ((FDA, but are used in the field other than the conventional
Uses of mesotherapy:

Is used in local injection in outpatient clinics for the treatment of different diseases, and are:

1. Localized accumulations of fat

2. Remove skin cracks (white lines).

3. Lift the skin.

4. Remove facial wrinkles.

5. Alopecia areata.

6. Eliminate the scars of wounds.

7. Remove the front lines.

8. Acne pimples and black.

9. Migraine.

10. Mole.

11. Inflammatory strings.

12. Arthritis.

13. skin dyes.

14. Bony appendages.

15. the stadiums Hits .

Patients who are candidates for local infiltration?
Any patient between the ages of 8-80 to follow as long as local injection therapy does not suffer from barriers use this procedure

Contraceptive injection-place:

Local injection can not be used in the following cases

1. Pregnant women.

2. Patients who use the sluices of blood.

3. Carcinogens.

4. Patients who suffer from hardening of the Hrain heart and heart disorders.

5. Patients who suffer from hardening of the brain Hrain.

6. Type I diabetics who rely on insulin treatment.

7. Cases of organ transplantation.

8. patients with immune suppression.

Topical areas of injection body:

Scalp - the face - the front - K around the mouth - chin - neck - chest - on the breast - the middle - both sides of the body - abdomen, buttocks - thighs - back - arms - legs - hands - and around the knee

Topical anesthesia and injection:

Can be used local anesthesia prior to injection and with that you must add a narcotic into a vehicle injection spot because they delay the drug absorption, allowing him sufficient time for the therapeutic effect of local high concentration of its purpose.

What material is injected into the melt fat

Is an alternative method of liposuction and through the injection material and a solvent for fats, this material is a mixture of vitamins and enzymes and material phusfatydail Colin and is a natural substance derived from soy and is injected into the fatty Vtzebha gatherings.

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