Do not drink too many calories. Water does not excite you?

You have been on a diet for a period of time and gradually you have stopped losing weight. This happens too many and now is the time you take a look at your journal. Hopefully you have kept a journal and now you can compare what you were eating and doing when you were losing weight to now.
Look for changes in foods and amounts these are usually what happens. As you get a little bored or tired of the diet you change the foods to break the boredom.

Do not give the food power. You need to be in control. There is not a food available that will force itself on you. You need to decide the foods you need to eat to be successful. Choose good wholesome foods that will fill you up without having many calories. Foods that are high in fiber are the best for filling you up and keeping you feeling full. Do not be afraid to say no to food especially if the food will add weight to you.
Do not drink too many calories. Soda and fruit drinks are usually have large amounts of sugar that do not need your body to digest them. They enter your mouth and within minutes the sugar is in your blood. The digestive system does not have to work to handle these foods. Do not make the mistake of drinking the so-called sports drinks as they are designed to give the athletes a burst of energy and replenish their fluids. Drink water as it has many beneficial qualities and your body needs the water.
Water does not excite you? Try a little lemon or lime in the water and you can add a sugar-free sweetener if you have that sweet tooth. This drink is especially good for you with the added citrus as it will help your kidneys clean the blood and keep you from getting kidney stones.
Do not get caught up in the fact that your diet may have to go on forever. Yes you will probably need to be on some sort of scaled back diet the rest of your life. If you achieve your goal you u cannot go back to the way you eat before. You will quickly gain the weight back and have to start all over again. The good thing is that after time your bad eating habits will fall by the side and you will naturally reach for the fruit or vegetable tray. You will become used to your weight loss plan and with exercise those few times that you eat foods you should not it will not show because your body can handle the extra calories and burn them off with exercise.
Another misconception is fats are bad for you. Your body needs fats but it need s the good fat. Fats found in nuts and olive oil is good for you. Even small amounts of butter is good. When frying foods if you must use canola or peanut oil. These may be a little more expensive but your body will appreciate the extra cost. Do not be afraid of using olive oil as it is one of the best foods you can use for your body. In the Mediterranean Diet olive oils is used in both cooking and dressings. Butter in this diet is not even used or missed especially if you like the flavor that olive oil imparts during cooking or as a dressing.
Your diet is more dependent on smart and healthy choices more than anything else. You have the power and the intelligence to choose the correct foods for your body. The sooner you make it a habit the easier it will be to lose weight and keep it off.


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