A simple technique to spread out one meal into to lots of smaller meals

Lose Weight - Control Your Appetite

Control your appetite and make losing weight work for you. To stop yourself being hungry most of the time, there are many simple techniques that one can try.
A simple technique is to spread out one meal into to lots of smaller meals. If for instance you have a banana and a sandwich for lunch. Instead of eating it all in one go try taking a couple of hours break in between eating the sandwich and the banana. Another way to do it is to first cut the sandwich and banana in half. Have half of the sandwich and banana for lunch and the rest a few hours later.

Splitting up your meals into many smaller meals helps control your appetite. Another simple technique is to load up on more fiber. Having vegetables that are rich in fiber during meals makes you full quicker. Vegetables are low in calories and help you control your appetite.
Eating foods that take a long time to chew and eat is one good way of keeping your appetite in check. Your brain takes roughly 20 minutes to realise that you are full. If you eat slowly then you are going to feel full before eating most of your meal. Eating foods that take a long time to eat such as chicken wings or fish with bones, make your hunger go away quicker.
If people eat foods that take a long time to eat, they will eat less during the course of an hour. Less food and feeling full means a lesser amount of calories. Less calories means less of these calories to burn. Weight loss is achieved faster this weight and people trying to lose weight have a better chance of doing so.
When we want to lose weight we should try to keep our hunger in check. Being hungry is a sign that your brain is telling you that your body needs food. When hunger occurs between main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should drink plenty of water and have a bit of fruit.
Fruit contains a lesser amount of calories than a chocolate bar. People tend to choose the chocolate over the fruit because they have a craving for sugar and enjoy eating chocolate over fruit. Fruit that is fresh always taste nice.
In conclusion, we must take control of our appetite to lose weight. Losing weight doesn't have to be super difficult. It can be easy with the right amount of dedication and hard work. Never give up your dream to have a sexy body


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