the water Do not cause increase the rumen and do not increase weight

Drinking large amounts of water does not harm you at all, whether at any time or during the cooking and does not cause an increase in weight, and does not causes emergence of the rumen, but that the water can be exploited to lose the weight. It reduces appetite and helps burn fat, and water no longer be in the stomach, but is absorbed in the blood that is distributed to the body that comes out through urine and sweat. Has been scientifically proven that drinking water during a meal does not harm, provided that the amount will be reasonable, and in case of dry food the best to drink water after a meal in advance not less than one hour, so as to benefit the body of the juices, which is produced by the stomach and intestines and help digestion of food, try drinking water every morning of 4 glasses on an empty stomach one hour before eating so as to strengthen the immune and clean the body so as to give
opportunity to the wall of the stomach in order to absorb water and washes Alcletn in less than an hour and help the water to reduce the appetite if you drink before eating a quantity and long enough

Scientific truth behind the emergence of the rumen
Water does not contain any food can increase body weight and no matter how we drank the water will turn it into fat over weight or cause the appearance of the rumen and, according to Dr. Enas Shaltout professor of internal diseases and Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine at the Palais des Aini that the best way to deal with water in doses In times of degrees, and the reasons for the accumulation of fat in the abdomen in particular, causing the rumen, he spoke because of sagging abdominal muscles as a result of weak abdominal muscles and lack of exercise and sport by storing fat in bags called cells be the only place that could intervene when these fat and Tmlooh and without its presence the body can not store fat and obesity and this speech does not mean that fat is always harmful, but that the presence of fat is necessary for the body but the right amount, it stocks is important to supply the body with energy as they function as cover for most of the body and its cells and fat also play an important role in the work of the nervous system and cells miliaria vary from one person to another, it is increased has a body ready to be obese if filled with fat, but it remains graceful if it is kept empty, so we note that the person who eats a lot and not affected with obesity in general, because basically he does not have only a small amount of fat cells and therefore does not have the space, which can accumulate the fat to get obesity These cells may differ from distribution, there may be a large amount in the abdomen appears rumen may exist in the buttocks and it appears obesity in these places may also be distributed Aldkhoun on the map of the body is a natural and frequent presence in the regions of the pelvis and abdomen

The best way to get rid of excess weight and rumenIn general to lose weight, either the rumen or the rest of the body is recommended decreasing of food especially carbohydrates, fats and sugars and a diet moderate and balanced with exercise consistently and regularly as the sports is the way to burn extra calories the body
Intended to exercise RabadpWalking is not only whether walking in the corridors of walking on a walking hard because these attendance lead to boredom as a result of slow results in there different ways to keep fit all the person is to choose the best way to get rid of Calories advised Vajeri better than running, walking exercise in that it can burn more calories and get a boost Adrenalin better as it more exciting when you feel bored of the walking device can be fixed as well as the use of sports equipment is a method Excellent for fitness exercises trend now is to use sports equipment for diversification of each period of time as they gain ability and more power and stamina as well as bicycles, whether in the gym or on the road is of a good workout that strengthens the knees and thighs and abdomen, as well as swimming, which is a rare exercise is the comprehensive training of the body, even the smallest of the back muscles and burn more calories

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hello thats a great article i should drink more weter that is healthy

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