Natural Weight Loss Herbs

Imagine being able to stroll on the beaches of Brazil clad

in a bikini and not feeling the least self-conscious. If

you are one who worries about your figure but find that you

are not able to get rid of the excess fat in the wrong

places, here's some good news for you. There's a miracle

natural weight loss herb in the market that guarantees to

make you slimmer the natural way ? by suppressing your

desire to eat more. If you want to see it in action, just

visit the Brazilian beaches and you'll find plenty of

pretty girls walking around proudly showing off their

figures, because they've benefited from these natural

weight loss herbs. That's why we started off asking you to

imagine yourself strolling on a beach in Brazil. You

could, of course, do that in any other beach in the world

as well!

The new natural weight loss herb sensation from Brazil ,

contains pure Caigua, Cha de bugre, Bladderwrack and

Hercampuri, all naturally occurring herbs that have been

popular for long as weight control aids in South America.

These natural weight loss herbs offer a completely natural

way to lose weight, without any side effects. These natural

weight loss herbs act by suppressing your appetite after

eating a small amount of food so that you lose the

sensation of hunger and the desire to eat more. In

addition, the natural weight loss herbs also naturally

enhance the body's metabolism to enable it to combat


Bladderwrack is a sea vegetable that has plenty of iodine,

and acts as a concentrated source of iodine for your body.

Iodine has been known for long to help in production of

thyroid hormones, which keep the body metabolism healthy.

This in turn helps in fighting obesity.

Hercampuri and Caigua are natural weight loss herbs that

have been in use in Peru for hundreds of years. The effect

of these natural weight loss herbs have also been

established through clinical studies. Cha de bugre is

another natural weight loss herb that is sold freely in

Brazil where it is grown. The herb has been recommended as

an excellent weight loss aid by Dr. G.L. Cruz in a book

titled ?Dictionary of Plants Used in Brazil'.

The above herbs do not have any reported drug interactions

or contraindications, except in the case of Caigua, which

can make cholesterol-lowering drugs more potent. For this

reason, if you are taking Cholesterol lowering drugs you

may need to reduce the dosage. You should therefore consult

your physician before starting on this herb, if you are on

Cholesterol lowering drugs.

Patricia McDougall B.Sc. is a Chartered Herbalist and

graduate of the Dominion Herbal College, British Columbia,

Canada. Originally from Peru, Patricia is the Director of

Research and Development for Amazon Botanicals LLC of

Newark Delaware.

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