Motivated to Lose Weight - Drop The Dreaded Muffin-Top Before Christmas

What's bigger than a muffin top? A soufflé? Popover? These are awful metaphors for my thickening middle.

But there I was: over 45, with a waistline marked by an expanding muffin top. I was so sick of tight pants, sick of buying only elastic waistbands, sick of feeling frumpy. I knew I couldn't look 25 again, but I wanted some waist back.

Last Thanksgiving, I promised myself that by this holiday season, I would be at least 15, if not 25 pounds thinner. I had almost a whole year to hit my goal.

But, by August I was in the same place, maybe worse.

Why? I picked the wrong diet. I did that low/ no carb thing, which made me cranky, tired and so bored with the all the protein. Good news was I lost 21 pounds in about 11 weeks. But by April I started to eat carbs again and gradually, I gained back all the weight and then some.

I was so discouraged.

But this time I really wanted to keep the promise I made to myself. So, I started yet another diet a friend told me about and I couldn't be happier. I mean dieting itself isn't fun. But shedding pounds and increasing energy levels are the best results ever and I am doing it quickly and sensibly. I started just after my two teens went back to school and I have lost 17.5 pounds. With several weeks to go before Christmas, I should be down another 7+ pounds.

What's different this time? Five smaller meals I get to choose from a huge selection that is part of the Diet Generator. Customizable shopping lists. And direct access to my own nutrition coach, Cara. Her support and that of the whole community really helps keep me on track and committed to my own goals.

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