How Does All That Coffee Affect My Health?

For all those coffee loving enthusiasts out there you would be delighted to know that in actuality the most commonly used drug is actually not tobacco or alcohol - but rather it is caffeine. For those of you who are unsure about what caffeine is, it is a common ingredient found in coffees as well as cola drinks, even chocolates which is essentially a favorite for many white collared people because it stimulates the body and increases alertness before another daily grind at the office.
For many coffee addicts, if you ask them - they'll attest to this: that if they do not get their daily fix of caffeine, that they would experience extreme tiredness throughout the day and experience withdrawals till they get their next hit, lest they dwindle the rest of their daily hours spinning in headaches, lethargy and downright irritability.

Next, onto the big question, "How does this affect my health?" Through various studies it has been concluded by medical professionals alike that a moderate amount of caffeine will not cause problems for most people - however as the nature of the drug is to stimulate - an excessive consumption can lead to heart problems as well as anxiety. Also, it is important and interesting to note that coffee is diuretic which results in increased urination and thereby fluid loss, contributing to generally, bouts of dehydration if you are not getting enough water in your diet. Especially in those summer days, you might want to reconsider your coffee hit, either that or, buy a bottle of water with it to boot.


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