Fitness permanent: light dinner and a lot of water and fruit

From ancient times maintained queens on their body since the age of the Pharaohs will be said that Interfertile Queen of Egypt Harmonic developed the main principles of agility in the world were tracking diet contains to eat only fruit for a day of each week, or small doses of fresh fruit juices if you feel hungry and will not exceed a kilo and a half kilogram of fruit or juice while Eva Braun wife Hitler reduce the weight of 5-8 kilograms per month to allocate a full week to reduce the weight dealing with the fruits and some foods free of fat can also be tea, coffee, milk and carrot juice without added sugar with the need to exercise with this order, especially the Swedish and light exercise regularly
Here, d is recommended. Adel Abdel Baal avoid fruit calorie high a mango dates figs bananas, dried fruit, which contains large quantities of sugar, more fresh fruits and can eat more apple pear plum peach guava melon grapefruit, strawberries are the least fit on sugar, which adds calories, but advised not to completely abstain from sugar, so it must reduce to no more than 6 teaspoons per day because sugar is required for the body so as not to influence the deficiency in the activity of the body

There are tips and types of diet and diets and sports to lose and Fitness and the preservation of the weight of the different civilizations, we find the most agility such as France and China Tracking Systems mild and simple way in China to reduce weight based on the following basis of the exercise hour walking at least every day and eat in moderation and eat a cup of water warm morning and another in the evening diet France to lose in a week depends on the eating brewer's yeast Almzabp before meals three ten minutes before eating breakfast or lunch or dinner, focus on eating yeast by 18 Type vitamin especially vitamin B and can be mixed with milk or water to get a careful organization of the intestines especially In the case dealt with in the morning on an empty stomach

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