in your weight loss journey try to sleep ealry

One late night can lead to another and another When you have one late night you can usually function 'ok'. The following day is when it can catch up to you.
If that is followed by another late night even if you get 7 hours sleep you will feel terrible. If that in turn is followed by another late night again with 7-8 hours sleep you will continue to feel terrible. And the cycle continues.

Research shows that a deprivation of sleep can cause fuzziness of thought, poor decision making skills, disruption of stable emotions, lack of physical strength and increased desire for food.
It really isn't about the amount of sleep you get, it is when you sleep. Think about you own life. When you get to bed too late especially for a few days in a row, how does that make you feel? It has to do with the REM sleep. REM sleep is when you dream, when your body is being rested. It is the recovery stage, and restorative healing of our body and mind. REM sleep happens with the bio rhythm of your internal clock. You body is meant to be asleep at certain periods during the 24 hour clock. That means night that it is meant to sleep.
When we go to bed early and arise early this is the way your body gets the best recovery period. The old saying says "Early to bed. Early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." There is now truer saying. It will do you well this follow this advice.
I know in my own life when I go to bed later I don't feel refreshed in the morning, even when I have had my 7-8 hours sleep. Research shows that adult human beings need 7-10 hours of sleep. We all differ somewhat, some needing more or less sleep than others. You will find people that deprive themselves of sleep during the week. If you ask further you will find these same people make up for loss of sleep on the weekends. This is better than the continuation of deprivation but not as good as getting the proper amount on a nightly basis.
Your decision making skills is what is concerning when it comes to weight loss. You don't make good choices when you are physically drained.
"Fatigue makes fools of us all." You eat foods that if you weren't tired you wouldn't be. Your 'will power' muscle would be in full force. Your 'justification muscle' would also be working at full capacity so that you would not be making up excuses of why it is ok to eat that jelly doughnut.
Also when you are tired and not well rested your stress levels increase. When your stress increases, cortisol levels increase. When cortisol levels increase it is harder, if not impossible to lose weight. I speak about this is greater detail in other articles

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